*For installing JWS on CERN centrally managed computers (NICE services), please consult this guide.


Mapping the network drive

In order to acquire the JWS software from the CERN distributed file system (DFS), the following steps have to be performed from inside the CERN network:

1) Mapping the network drive


2) Path specification ( \\cern.ch\dfs )


3) Logging in with CERN computing account credentials


Acquiring the software

1) After gaining access to the DFS, the software can be found in " G:\Departments\AB\Groups\CO\software\NiceFC\ " (assuming G: is the mapped DFS network drive).

2) Copy the JWS folder from the path above to the desired location.

3) Download the Charm Monitoring Tool from the "Tools" category, and copy the file (Charm_MonitoringTool_v2.jnlpx) to the JWS folder.



Execute the JWS with the path to the monitoring tool as an argument.
For example, if they reside in the same folder, input this command into a command line:

 C:\...\JWS>jws.exe Charm_MonitoringTool_v2.jnlpx

And you should be presented with the CHARM monitoring tool main page.