After the completion of the maintenance work that began in December 2016 and the beam commissioning period lasted two weeks, the CHARM facility opened the doors to the first users.  “ The beam quality is very good this year and we carried out a great facility calbration with more than 140 configurations calibrated. This will allow us to satisfy all the users for this year.” says the user coorindator Salvatore Danzeca.

The users belongs to both the accelerator sector and to the  experiments. The first user comes from the section TE-EPC-CCE responsible for the LHC and injectors power converter control electronics. The second user is EP-UAT  which is testing some cards for the ALFA experiments.

The team of TE-EPC-CCE is irradiating power supplies named BiVolt and TriVolt. These devices are used in all the 120A-10V, 600A-10V, 600A-40V, 4-6-8kA-08V, 13kA power supplies.  Around 4000 of these devices are installed in the LHC and in the injectors [1].

The users entered on wednesday 17/05/2017 having carried out a dry run in the CHARM preparation room, which lasted one week. “ Preparing the setup and have the possibility to test one week before in a conditions which are identical to the test condition is a big advantage of the CHARM facility” says the technical coordinator Jerome Lendaro. 

The power converter group will test for two weeks,  cumulating a Total Ionizing Dose of more than 300 Gy.  They will test 6 modules for each power supply. This will require a second access on the 24/05/2017 to substitute the three irradiated card with the new ones and verify that the measurements and  the failure signature, if any, are confirmed.


[1] Status of the PO preparations for the next slot in CNGS - Yves Thurel - RADWG 20/08/2009 -