For the access to the experimental areas of CHARM, a personal dosimeter (the temporary ones are NOT valid any longer) is required .The control room can also be accessed by people without a dosimeter.

It is now therefore mandatory to follow a one-day RP course before a personal dosimeter can be handed out to you. People who have already a dosimeter do not need to make the course for the time being. You can check whether the course is required for you on the ADAMS system of CERN.

After signing in with your CERN credentials, you can check the status of your CERN account by going on 'My Accesses' and 'Personal' (tab on the top right). In the list you find the item 'Dosimeter', with either of the three possibilities:

  1. A green light and a green check tells you that you do not need to do anything.
  2. A green light and a red cross means that you only have to pick up your dosimeter.
  3. A red light and a red cross tells you that you will have to follow the one day course before getting a dosimeter.


For the case that you have to follow the one day course, you can sign up for the course on the CERN Training Catalogue
After signing in with your CERN credentials, search for 'Course or Competency': radiation and select the course 'Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - CERN Employees and Associates'. You can sign up for a course at the bottom of the page via the EDH system, where you also find the dates of upcoming sessions.

Please make your travel arrangements accordingly and make sure that you do not sign up for a CHARM shift on the day of your RP course.